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Georgia, 21, Vegan, Taken, Quake City, NZ.
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fuck work. so unmotivated/

fuck work. so unmotivated/

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Fake people fuck me off, don’t spend years shit talking something then act like you really care. Fuck off.

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I go on tour tomorrow, Mum hopefully had the skin cancer removed from her ear yesterday and she finds out if its gone on Thursday, I haven’t let anyone know how worried I am and I should be stoked that I’m on tour tomorrow, but I just feel like shit for not being able to be there for her. I really fucking hope it comes back ok, I don’t know what the fuck we’ll do if it isn’t. 

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Counterparts // The Disconnect (x)


Counterparts // The Disconnect (x)

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The SmithsMoles Club, UK, September 16, 1983 by Martin Whitehead


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